About Moss & Willow: 

Hi everyone, I'm Nicole Diamond and I am the owner/designer at Moss & Willow. I believe that I inherited my love of flowers from my Grandma Mary. She had the most beautiful vegetable and flower gardens in the breathtaking mountain town of Ouray, Colorado. I spent many summers there and I developed a taste for fresh vegetables and a love for all of the beautiful flowers that adorned my grandparents gorgeous property.  I majored in Art in college and then wound up with a degree in Cosmetology. I started working with flowers in southern California about 16 years ago and moved between working professionally in floral design, interior design, and the beauty industry along the way. This past year I've slowly started returning to my roots and my first passion - floral design. I am realizing I am most alive when I am immersed in nature, exploring Gods creation and all the beautiful textures and colors He wove together for our visual stimulation. I am deeply fulfilled when I am creating with my hands and I love using a medium that is alive, fragrant and perfectly made by our Maker. 

Thanks for stopping in and if you have any inquiries please visit the contact page!